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Presentations - 9th Annual Dormant Debt Conference (2011)

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Doug Porter - Deputy Chief Economist & Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets
Canadian Economic Overview

Stacey Schacter - President, Vion Holdings LLC
Jeffrey B. Marron - Managing Member, Sheridan Capital Advisors, LLC
US Distressed Debt Market Update

Geir Olsen - CEO, Aktiv Kaptial
International Perspective on Debt Sales


Stephen J. Sheather - Principal ~ SCORE Statistical Consulting Inc.
Richard Yap - Chief Operating Officer ~ SCORE Statistical Consulting Inc.
Critics Buyers: 
Rod Hooktwith - Country Manager ~ Aktiv Kapital
Bob Richards - President & CEO ~ CBV Collection Services
Christopher Walker - President & CEO ~ Square Two Financial
Critics Sellers: 

George Preece - Manager Agency Risk and Control ~ Canadian Tire Bank
Paul Narciso - Senior Director Credit Risk ~ President's Choice Financial
Jim Novosad - President, North American Operations, ARO Inc.

Anatomy of a Debt Sale

Scott Coffin - President, Canaccede International Investments
Tom Choi - President, InSolve Capital
Timothy Stapleford - President, Max Recovery Canada Company

Bankruptcy Seller Panel Discussion ~ Merits of a Bankruptcy Sale
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